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this project aims to be a visual storybook documenting cities – and the lifeforce and people who make them alive.  the agony and the ecstacy. the beautiful and the mundane; the silly and the bizarre. 

Cities have their own rhythm and hustle, they can be anything you want them to be. Sometimes the city seems harsh, mean, gritty; everyone seems angry and in a rush, or out to get each other. Sometimes the city seems hopeless and sprawling, lonely and isolated - millions of people constantly passing you by, but no one to reach out to. But sometimes the city is amazing – a place where people come together and collaborate and celebrate – a place of endless possibilities. I’d like to think this website is a place of endless possibilities and magical realism, a place for exploration, exposition and wonder – to explore all of those things, and everything in-between. A tall order? 

if you have ideas or would like to contribute to this project, please get in touch.

This blog does not get updated very regularly!

Guest contributers to this project include:
Chris “Spam” White, Tommy B Goode, and Jon Oliver.

If you would like to contribute photos, stories, or become a regular poster, please contact the editor of CPD through flickr.

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