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Parks, real and imagined

April 3rd, 2008 by citiesinpixiedust · View Comments

Now that Spring is coming upon us, I’m hoping to take spend a fair amount of time exploring some of the local parks. I grew up right by the Wissahickon Creek/Forbidden Drive area of Philadelphia, and have been wandering that area since I was a small child. Some places don’t really get old. And there are all the urban parks, from Rittenhouse Square to Washington Square, Pretzel Park to Clark Park. But can you believe it, I’ve never been to Pennypack? So that place is definitely on the agenda for a day or a few in the near future. And then there are all those tiny green spots, garden spaces, and secret hideaways (like the photo below) that you just happen upon by chance. Look for explorations and photos to come in the next few weeks.

mini waterfalls

Real content is coming soon, promise!

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