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The Devil is the Boogie Man

April 4th, 2008 by citiesinpixiedust · View Comments

Christian Posters Invade Philly! But there is no 53 AM. Or is there?

Sent to me by Chris “Spam” White,

“These posters have been showing up in center city and south Philly for
about a year. They always have a model’s head and a similar style of
Christian ranting. They always mention demons getting in your blood
and defecating. They also exhort you to stay married, stop shacking
up, and listen to Christ radio. These new ones also mention that
angels will hug you forever in heaven.”

Christian Posters...

The poster reads:

“You must listen to Christ Radio 53AM on 24-Hours or the Devil will take you and your family and make bats out of all of you. Christ will protect you. Devil is Boogie Man.

Beautiful and Gorgeous Mary and Christ will hug and kiss you forever in heaven. For keeping the 10 commandments. It’s so easy to keep the 10 commandments. Teenages and people in hell are suffering terrible. Screams of horror forever.  Stay married or stop shacking up.  Or burn in hot lava in hell forever.  Beautiful Mary will listen to Christ radio 53AM with you. You will be so happy to know you will get to heaven for sure…”

The blue poster adds:

“You must stay married. Christ said one marriage. A face of a woman was on a bat’s face in a front page news. The Devil is the Boogie Man. It’s the God Truth. — Shacking Up. Stay Sober. Throw away filthy movies. Don’t — —- or burn in hell forever.

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